What is Box Score?

A platform for sports fans to play games with friends to win cash and prizes. Watch sports together. Win prizes together. Box Score will change the way you experience LIVE sports.

Game Platform

Play. Watch. WIN!

Box Score is a dynamic platform of games that changes all season long. If you are watching LIVE sports, open Box Score to see how you can make things a little bit more interesting.

Game changing

We have changed the way you watch LIVE sports by crafting innovative games.

Win cash & prizes

You can't win if you don't play. Get in there!

LIVE games

You WIN prizes based on what happens in the LIVE game. Example: if they get a sack, you could win a FREE PIZZA. It's really that easy.

Compete against friends

Whether on your couch or across the world, compete against friends to win cash and prizes!


Guess correctly. Win the Jackpot!

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Fantasy Pizza

Watch Sports. Win Pizza.

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Beat the world in LIVE Trivia.

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Sports BINGO!

A LIVE sports twist on an old classic

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