Fantasy Pizza

Watch Sports. Win Pizza.

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What is Fantasy Pizza?

Fantasy Pizza is an app that shows you a pizza game board with 8 slices that need to be filled up with randomized game stats (like team point totals or offensive scenarios) that happen in a LIVE football game. The slices then fill in automatically when the event takes place. And if all 8 slices are filled, you receive a promo code for a free pizza!

How do I win FREE pizza?

When your pizza game board fills in, you win a FREE pizza. It is instantly sent to your prize hub. You can order in time for the next LIVE game!

But, what do I have to do to win??

Just simply open the Box Score app, select your LIVE Game in Fantasy Pizza (ex: Chicago vs. Green Bay), and wait to see if your pizza board fills in. You don't do anything, the board will fill in automatically with our LIVE stat feed. When your board is full of slices, you WIN!

Wait, but what's the catch though?

No catch. Just Enter and Watch! You could be a lucky winner! And if you're not? Just play the next game, it's FREE.

The easiest way to win FREE pizza...ever

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