How does Guest Host work?

Fans must beat the Guest Host in 5 question trivia. You only have 10 seconds to answer, and the quicker you answer the more points you get. If you beat the Host, you win a prize ball. You can play live until The Host ends the LIVE session.

What are prize balls?

Each time you beat The Guest Host, you earn a prize ball. If you earn the most balls, you could win an exclusive prize and be crowned Ball Master!

How do I win a game of trivia?

You win by scoring more points than The Host in 5 question trivia. The faster you answer a question, the more points you get! The last question is worth double points.

What is the Ball Master?

The Ball Master is the fan who has the most balls. They win the Ball Master Prize.

What is the Ball Master prize?

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How do I know when The Guest Host is LIVE?

Make sure to have your push notifications turned one.

I found an error in a question.

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I would like to submit questions.

Awesome! Email us at Make sure you provide the correct answer and three other incorrect answers. Subject line: "Question Submission!"

Terms for the Prize Lottery


Terms for the Ball Master Prize


What happens if there is a tie for Ball Master (most prize balls) at the time of a prize giveaway?

If two of more users have the same amount of prize balls, the user with the highest amount of total points shall be named Ball Master.

Can you beat the world in the trivia?

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