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What is Guest Host?

Guest Host is a trivia game where Guest Hosts will be competing LIVE against the world in trivia. The Host will decide when it's time to play. You don't choose, the Host does. When they go LIVE, it's on like Donkey Kong.

Who are The Guest Hosts?

The Hosts can be anyone. A celebrity, your mom, the Queen of England, an Offensive Linemen or your plumber. It could even be YOU! Using Box Score's sophisticated Host selection process, A new host is chosen amongst the 7 billion humans. The Hosts then have exclusive access to play the world in trivia. Want to be a host? Email us at!

How does Guest Host work?

Fans must beat The Host in 5 question trivia. You only have 10 seconds to answer, and the quicker you answer the more points you get. Our Hosts are kinda smart, so be prepared. You play for as long as The Host wants to. When they go LIVE, drop what you are doing and play!

Can I win stuff?

You sure can. Each time you beat The Host, you get a ping pong ball to a prize lottery. The more you win in trivia, the better your chances of winning in the lottery. If you earn the most balls, you will win an exclusive prize and be crowned Ball Master!

Guest Host Hall of Fame

#7 Montee Ball

Madison, WI

Former Professional Football Player

#11 Inga Z

Chicago, IL


#13 Marc Istook

Los Angeles, CA

NFL Network

#8 Dave B

Chicago, IL

Box Score intern's proud dad

Can you beat the world in the trivia?

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